Hey guys! Here you can see an overview of all cosmetic wings in Diablo 3. There are 13 different wings, but some are not available anymore!

Angelic Wings – D3 Collector’s Edition

Angelic Wings

Wings of Valor – not available anymore

Wings of Valor

Blade Wings – SC2: Battle Chest – Digital Deluxe Edition

Blade Wings

Mercy Wings – Overwatch Origins or Collector’s Edition

Mercy Wings

Wings of the Betrayer – WoW Legion Deluxe or Collector’s Edition

Wings of the Betrayer

Green Wings – complete all Set Dungeons

Green Wings

Green Leather Wings – master all Set Dungeons

Green Leather Wings

Cosmic Wings – drop from Princess Lillian in Wyrmsdale (Rainbow Goblin Portal) – RARE

Cosmic Wings

Falcon Wings – drop from Mysterious Chest in Act 4 Gardens of Hope 1

Falcon Wings

Andariel Wings – not available anymore

Andariel Wings

Wings of the Crypt Guardian – Necromancer DLC

Wings of the Crypt Guardian

Trag’Oul’s Wings – complete all Necromancer Achievements

Trag'Oul's Wings

Malthael’s Bargain – not available anymore

Malthael's Bargain Wings



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