Leveling 1-70

New / updated guide for Season 11:

Leveling 1-70 Methods Explained

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New method: fast leveling by kiting mobs into traps

Leveling strategies discussion on reddit


Duration: about 2h – 3h depending on class (especially as WD you can do it in less than 2h)

  • Create a game on hard difficulty – adjust the difficulty depending on your gear / killspeed when you create a new game (switch between hard and master)
  • Hire the templar follower
  • Pick the other follower weapons (equip the best one and salvage the rest)
  • Do a Boss Bounty: In solo on Hard it’s fine to lvl up to 2-3 before you start the fight. Recommended bosses (because of the distance between waypoint and boss): Maghda, Zoltun Kulle
    (Remember: it has to be a Bounty or you won’t get the chest with additional loot!)
  • Grind Fields of Misery and/or Halls of Agony (you can kill the butcher for additional blue and yellow items, teleport to town at lvl 8 and craft a 2H Axe at the blacksmith)
  • Try to get as much massacre bonus as possible by continuously hitting mobs – That’s very important! You should practice it a few times if you didn’t level like this before.
  • Check vendors for rings (lvl 7+) / amulets (lvl 11+) and also visit the blacksmith to craft a better weapon (craft a new weapon every 5ish levels)


Duration: about 2h and 15 min – more rewarding than solo (mats, gold, items, bloodshards) – S9 start 1-70 took us 2h and 5 min (barb, dh, monk, wiz) – S10: 2h 3min (barb, dh, wiz, wiz)

  • Create a game on Hard difficulty
  • Pick the follower weapons (equip the best one and salvage the rest)
  • Split Bounty Act 1 for Born’s / Cain’s plans (Boss together! Teleport to HoA 2 after the boss died and get level 8!)
  • Clear Halls of Agony Level 2 until you hit level 8
  • Teleport to town at lvl 8 and craft a 2H Axe at the blacksmith
  • Check vendors for 2-4 damage rings (Everyone check a different Act to save time!)
  • Do Nephalem Rifts (Right before the RG spawns someone should teleport to town and close the rift as soon as possible. During the 30 seconds between the rifts check vendors for rings and amulets, craft a better weapon) (Craft Born’s / Cain’s at level 21 / 23; Remember to craft a better 2H weapon every 5ish levels)


There are different methods for the early levels (~1-10), for example Haedrig’s Wife method, my method, you can start with a boss bounty (maghda or zk). They all have their advantages and disadvantages. For the early levels the difference between each method are a few minutes. Just do whatever your group prefers and feels comfortable with. Don’t forget to read the “hints” below!

You could also start in campaign mode and play until skeleton king, to get leoric’s crown. But it doesn’t matter… I recommend to do exactly what I wrote above. We did it in S7 and in S8 and we hit 70 after 2h15min. Even though we didn’t find any good legendary items during leveling (in S7 & S8) and we didn’t get Born’s / Cain’s plans either (in S7) :D. Also the drop chance for leoric’s crown is pretty high. Depending on your luck you might find several during lvling 1-70. Another benefit from the bounties: you already complete the “do 5 bounty” task of season journey chapter 1 and you also complete “obtain act 1 bounty cache” which is a part of chapter 3.


  • You can already finish some tasks of the Season Journey during leveling. Try to do it during the 30s between the Nephalem Rifts! For example: transmog / roll socket on a weapon / equip follower etc…
  • Crafting weapons: craft 2H weapons; 2H swords available at: 15, 19, 23, 27, 32, 38, 44, 50, 55, 57, 61, 70; 2H axes available at: 8, 16, 21, 29, 33, 37, 41, 50, 54, 58, 61, 70
  • At level 42+ try to craft a level 60 weapon with – lvl requirement (if you craft a weapon with a crowd control secondary affix you can reroll the other secondary affix to – lvl requirement (the chance is pretty high, but it’s expensive!))
  • At level 61 craft a new weapon
  • Stay close to the mobs when you level up becasue you will release an explosion which deals damage.
  • Movement speed is important
  • Get a helmet with a socket as soon as possible and put in a ruby (Or get Leoric’s Crown which comes with a socket!)
  • Keep all bovine bardiches and puzzle rings
  • Adjust the difficulty if you think you are killing too fast or too slow (Hard and Master are the best difficulties if your gear is average. If you are lucky with crafting or if you find legendaries you might try a higher difficulty.
  • Important note for solo leveling: You won’t have enough gold at lvl 70 to level up all artisans which is a part of the Season Journey Chapter II (1st Haedrig’s Gift)

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