Necromancer Leveling 1-70 Build

Necromancer Leveling 1-70 Build – General Information

The build is split into different stages: Level 10, 20, 30 and the final build. All builds have been tested by experienced players. Depending on your personal playstyle, you may want to switch some skills. For fast leveling, concider using a lot of movement skills. The established difficulty for leveling with rifting is hard. If you’re leveling in adventure mode with massacre bonus, most builds perform well on master. Depending on your damage and toughness, you may want to switch defensive buffs to offensive buffs, or the other way around.

Don’t forget to check out our Leveling Guide for additional information about leveling!

Necromancer – Level 10 Build

Necromancer Leveling Build - Level 10

Necromancer – Level 20 Build

Necromancer Leveling Build - Level 20

Necromancer – Level 30 Build

Necromancer Leveling Build - Level 20

Necromancer – Final Leveling Build

Necromancer Leveling Build - Final

Hints / Playstyle

  • Corpse Explosion and Death Nova are your main damage sources
  • Whenever you have multiple corpses on the ground, use Corpse Explosion to kill enemies
  • Use Command Golem – Flesh Golem for additional corpses for Corpse Explosion
  • At level 36, switch Command Golem – Flesh Golem to Command Golem – Bone Golem to get an ability to pull enemies, which is really good for Corpse Explosion
  • At level 60, switch Blood Rush – Transfusion to Blood Rush – Metabolism

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    • Hey, I’m currently testing many Necro builds, also “fresh 70” and “GR 20” and “Speedfarming” builds. The fresh lvl 70 is a tough one though. If you’re playing in a group, Corpse Lance is the skill that you want to use. For solo play, I will share something before Season 11 starts.

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