Templar Follower

Hey guys! Here you can see a compact overview of items, stats and skills that are recommended for the Templar Follower in Diablo 3.


Slot Item Effect
Relic Enchanting Favor Follower cannot die
Weapon Thunderfury slow, lightning damage which procs wyrdward
Shield Freeze of Deflection freezes enemies
Ring 1 Oculus damage buff
Ring 2 Unity or Justice Lantern or Wyrdward Justice Lantern for additional block chance to increase the proc rate of Freeze of Deflection or Wyrdward for additional stun
Neck Ess of Johan pulls enemies together and slows them


  • cooldown reduction, attack speed, block chance


Level Skill Effect
5 Heal heal
10 Intimidate slow
15 Charge stun
20 Guardian heal


  • don’t use the healing abilities if you’re playing a shi mizu’s haori build
  • depending on your build, you might not want to use Ess of Johan
  • depending on your build, you might not want to use Guardian, because of it’s annoying knockback which can mess up good pulls

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