Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor LoN Spirit Barrage

This guide features the Witch Doctor LoN Spirit Barrage build which is part of the current 4-player meta. For pushing solo, this build needs minor adjustments.

General Information

Spirit Barrage – Phantasm summoned by the Mojo Gazing Demise is concidered as a pet. Due to it, Mask of Jeram and Enforcer are buffing it’s damage. This bug makes the build viable. It wasn’t intended by Blizzard, but they will not fix the bug, because the build seems “balanced and fun”. Click here to read Blizzards official statement.



Kanai’s Cube

Skills & Runes

Passive Skills


  • No Area Damage



2 thoughts on “Witch Doctor LoN Spirit Barrage

    • Hey, Area Damage doesn’t really work for this build and only causes lag. You won’t clear the rift faster with AD. None of the top groups are using it.

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