Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor LoN Spirit Barrage Build – Solo #1 EU (S) & 4 Player #1 Asia (NS)

UPDATE: Check out the proper 4-player build in our builds section or click here: https://d3sanctuary.com/wd-lon-spirit-barrage/

Hey everyone! Did you check the Leaderboards? Baskenater just did a solo #1 on EU (Season) and another team did a 4 player #1 on Asia (Non-Season) with a LoN Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor build. Also #1 Solo WD Season and Non-Season in Asia were playing this build. Important note: Spirit Barrage – Phantasm summoned by the Mojo Gazing Demise benefits from pet damage: Enforcer, Mask of Jeram! This “bug” makes the build viable! For further background information check out the in-depth video guide at the bottom.

Sample 4 player build (It’s just a sample, there are several options): https://d3planner.com/427284004

Note: Some players equip Sacred Harvester and cube The Barber, because they don’t have a decent one. If you got one, equip it and cube Sacred Harvester, because of it’s higher attack speed.

Gear & Skills of the 4 player GR clear:

LoN Witch Doctor Group Build

LoN WD Group - Skills

Legendary Gems: Bane of the Trapped, Pain Enhancer, Enforcer

5th Passive Skill: Midnight Feast (The Passive Skill doesn’t make sense. I think he didn’t have any other neck with proper rolls.)

Gear & Skills solo GR clear:

LoN Witch Doctor Solo Build

LoN WD Solo - Skills

Legendary Gems: Bane of the Trapped, Stricken, Enforcer

5th Passive Skill: Rush of Essence

In-depth Video Guide (No Gameplay) by Angry Roleplayer:

Gameplay of 4 Player Speed GR 97s by Baskenater (German):

Skip through his 8h recording to get some impressions of the build: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139130665

Solo GR 103 EU NS by BATMAN:

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