Wizard Archon Stacks Exploit

Fast Rift Guardian Kills – Wizard Archon Stacks Exploit

Here I’m sharing a relevant topic for groups who push for the top spots in 4-Player Leaderboards, because the top groups in every region are abusing this Wizard Archon Stacks Exploit to kill Rift Guardians fast. For the sake of fair competition, everyone should be aware of it.

Wizard Archon Stacks Exploit – Introduction

Recently, some 4-Player GR clears with Wizards instead of Demon Hunters appeared on the frontpage of the Leaderboards in every region. They have one thing in common. They’re abusing a bug to get an insane amount of Archon stacks on the Wizard. Due to it, the Wizard is able to kill a Rift Guardian in a GR 125+ in 2ish minutes without any pylon, while Demon Hunters need twice as much time: at least 4 minutes with a power pylon (times will go up in higher GR tiers; it’s times from GR clears of the top groups, who have near perfect gear, very high paragon/gem levels).

The bug/exploit isn’t anything new. Already in the beginning of the season, a video showing a Wizard 1-shotting a RG in a high tier GR has been published on reddit. The bug has been fixed on the PTR, but there hasn’t been a fix on the live servers yet – and will most likely not happen during the current season.

Wizard Archon Stacks Exploit – How To

This is an optimized version, which top groups are using!

  • Pull all monsters in the Weeping Hollow area into 1 spot close to the waypoint
  • Open a Cow Level and pull all monsters into 1 spot close to the portal
  • Now start fishing for a GR – save server (then you don’t have to do the first two steps again)
  • At around 95%, Wizard teleports to Weeping Hollow and kills the monsters to get Archon stacks and immediately goes back into the GR to deal damage to the Rift Guardian (this will already do 20-30% of the RGs life)
  • Now Wizard keeps dealing damage for about 1 minute to stack Bane of the Stricken
  • Wizard teleports into the Cow Level and kills the monsters to get Archon Stacks and immediately goes back into the GR to one-shot the RG

Wizard Archon Stacks Exploit – Hints

  • Stack CDR – You don’t need any Attack Speed on your items, because Archon Stacks will grant plenty of it due to Vyr’s Set (Due to the exploit, you will have Archon Stacks during the Rift Guardian fight – don’t worry about Attack Speed breakpoints)

Wizard Archon Stacks Exploit – Recources

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